PA Security Forces Brutalize Palestinian Arab

by Leah Rosenberg

Welcome to what a “Palestinian” state would look like. PA security forces would attack their own even more than they do now.

The Barbaric Actions of the PA Security Force

Where are all the so-called pro-Palestinian organizations? Why aren’t they standing up for this Palestinian Arab? Is it because they don’t really care about “Palestinians?” Yes. All these organizations care about is bringing down the Jewish state of Israel. And that’s why they didn’t care to report this – because it has nothing to do with Israel or Israeli forces. All these “human rights” groups clearly don’t care when the Palestinian Authority and its security forces brutalize and attack “Palestinians.” It is their OWN people they are attacking! The PA security forces are barbaric.

And this is the real problem that the world loves to ignore. The issues that the Palestinian Arab people have is all because of their own leadership. Some are poor because of their own leaders. They become terrorists because of their own leaders. THEIR OWN LEADERS oppress them, not Israel.

But all the anti-Israel organizations out there will never tell you the truth. So Yoseph Haddad, an Israeli ARAB, will tell you the truth.

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