Deadly Attacks In Beirut Threaten To Rip Lebanon Apart

by Micha Gefen

As the Beirut bomb blast probe continues to investigate the possible ties between Hezbollah and the devastating explosion last year in Beirut, Hezbollah has called its supporters to protests threatening to remove the judge in charge of the probe. The deadly shooting involved the killing of 6 Shiites who were on the way to a Hezbollah protests.

Tensions continue to rise in Lebanon as pro Hezbollah and anti-Hezbollah sectors are lining up against one another over last year’s catastrophic bomb blast in Beirut. The blast involved the illegal storage of massive of amounts of explosive materials in Beirut, seemingly from Hezbollah.

Lebanon has increasingly become torn apart due to Hezbollah’s involvement in both the military and politics, which essentially means Iran is behind the seizing of Lebanese independence.

What does this mean for Israel?

An unstable Lebanon means chaos on Israel’s Northern border. With a potential Lebanese civil war coming, the vacuum of power only means increased violence spilling over.

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