Iran and China Are The Focus Of Blinken’s Meeting With Israel and the UAE

by Micha Gefen

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met in a trilateral meeting with the foreign ministers of Israel and the UAE. The meeting was held just days before the year anniversary of the Abraham Accords.

While the meeting was seen as a sort of recap and bridge building meet up – the real agenda items had everything to do with Iran and China’s expansion. Both the Gulf States and Israel share equal interest in stopping Iran’s march to a nuclear weapon as well as its hegemonic expansion. Along with this is the need for discussing ways to stop Chinese influence and control, which is like a shadow behind Iran’s growth.

The even deeper story behind the trilateral meeting is the need for the US to find a “plan B” as Israel calls it in relation to Iran’s nuclear program as it appears that Iran is not really interested in halting its nuclear ambitions. The revelation that the Biden government believes that it must craft a “plan B” came on the heels of the trilateral meeting – an indication that the discussion with Israel and the UAE centered on developing an alternative to the JCPOA.

The Biden administration would prefer to stay out of Iran’s way, but the growing positive ties and alliances between Israel and the Arab world puts America in a bind. If Israel and the UAE successfully take out Iran’s nuclear program without the USA, then they will be far freer to deny America’s partnership in other areas. So Biden is taking a chance and hoping to sculpt the coming offensive against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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