PA Announces That It Is Preparing To Take Over Jerusalem

by Micha Gefen

The “Palestinian” Authority has no legal jurisdiction in Jerusalem, however in the last few weeks it has made moves to take over the eastern areas of Jerusalem.

The PA, with its supporters in the EU and even leftwing groups in America, has always supported an Arab takeover of sovereign Jerusalem, but now it is announcing it.

To things the PA is pressing – opening up PA election booths in Jerusalem, and offering to renovate Arab houses in the eastern neighborhoods.

Israel has already denied the PA’s request for polling stations, but house renovation they can do little about. Housing renovations may seem innocent, but there is nothing innocent about them. The Abbas regime that runs the PA wants Arabs to feel locked into the government in Ramallah.

The goal is not to help out Arab residents in Jerusalem, but rather prevent them from expressing their free choice to sell or not to sell to Jewish buyers. With a new administration, there will be increased pressure on Israel to cut a deal. The PA knows that and is now “testing the waters.”

Once again Jerusalem is on the frontlines.

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