How 5 Jews changed the world and saved millions of lives

by Leah Rosenberg

How have Jews changed the world? There are many answers to that question. But here are 5 examples you must know about.

Jews Changed the World – Here’s How

This video shows just a few examples of how Jews changed the world. But these are 5 great ways. People might know about these innovations and events, but they might not realize it was Jews who used their brains to bring about these positive changes in the world.

From the largest vaccination program to something that seems as simple as washing hands; from inventing the first Polio vaccine to developing the Heimlich remover to producing safe drinking water – the world should be thanking these Jewish people who changed everything.

5 Ways Jews Bettered the World

Israel Weinstein saved millions by using his own money to purchase smallpox vaccines and institute a mass vaccination program. A true hero.

Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis instituted hand washing. It seems crazy, but it was not a widely spread practice beforehand. It is truly fascinating to think about the fact that people – even those who were known to be intelligent like doctors – were not aware of the benefits of washing hands. Nowadays, it seems like a given. And even then it took time for everyone to do it! The world mocked the idea in the beginning.

What is so interesting is that people did not at first accept what these Jews developed. They were nervous about the Polio vaccine. But Dr. Jonas Salk proved everyone wrong.

People learn about the Heimlich remover nowadays – but did you know it was a Jew who developed the method? The world didn’t believe that Dr. Henry J. Heimlich’s method was good. But he believed it, and look how many lives he has saved!

We take clean drinking water for granted. But Abel Wolman is the one to thank for that.

Let’s not take things for granted. Once upon a time, these life-changing developments never existed.

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