Former Overstock CEO: “This Election Was Rigged” and He Has The Proof

by David Mark

With evidence pouring in detailing widespread election fraud in the 2020 election, many naysayers who refuse to look at any of the details continue to repeat the false legacy media narrative that “there was no widespread fraud.” Part of the challenge for those on the other side has been the ability to connect the dots. After all, there needs to be some sort of overarching mechanism that ties the anomalies that Matt Braynard has been investigating with the ballot dumps as well as the double voting in many swing states. That’s why Patrick Byrne, the former CEO is so important.

Byrne stepped down as CEO of in August of 2019 after making controversial comments in a company press release. The press release that is viewable here, essentially confirms articles written about his involvement with Deep State FBI officials bent on using him for political espionage as detailed in the video above.

The key, according to Byrne is to understand that Trump essentially fell into a trap that Obama’s FBI laid for Hillary Clinton. This sets the stage for a full understanding of events from 2016 until the present. President Trump was never supposed to win and whatever one thinks of Hillary Clinton, she was meant to be controlled by Obama and his team. Interestingly, this explains much of Obama’s refusal to criticize Trump. After all, if this would have come out then Obama would have drawn the ire of the Clinton machine and his Democratic party.

Byrne said he “began to put the pieces together” in mid 2018 that what he thought was just law enforcement, was really political espionage. This is what makes the Durham report so important. At the heart of the matter is the political hijacking of the top law enforcement agency in the country. It also explains why its heads quickly drummed up what is now known as the Russian hoax to keep Trump off his guard and backed into a corner for the four years. It was not about policy, but buying time in order to keep from getting caught.

Patrick Byrne has since left the USA and relocated to undisclosed location where he writes from his Deep Capture blog about the election and other related issues. It was confirmed that Byrne has been working with ASOG, the company that recently carried out the forensic audit on voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan.

Byrne took his insider information he gleamed from his meetings with the FBI before Trump became President seriously and assembled a security team to investigate voting irregularities.

“We are basically reverse-engineering this coup,” said Byrne.

In his Epoch Times interview, Byrne says that he fell in with cyber experts who had been looking at election manipulation since 2018 when they were hired as part of a blue-ribbon commission set up to examine potential election fraud in Texas.

“That group has had two years to really reverse engineer what the rest of America has had a couple of weeks to understand,” he said. “They had already figured out really about a dozen different ways you could defeat an election or hack an election—in a broad sense of hack, not necessarily just electronic cyber guys hacking.”

So Who Is Behind The Coup?

Byrne like many others believes that China’s CCP has been planning the coup for a while.

“For 10 years or more, there have been references to a coming ‘assassin’s mace’ in the Chinese literature—where they take out the United States with one stroke,” Byrne told The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders” program. “The national security community in the United States has been trying to figure this out: Is it their new aircraft carrier? Is that the hypersonic missile? Is it this, that, is it an EMP?”

Byrne believes this is what Americans are now experiencing. He does not believe this is voter fraud, but rather election fraud. That would explain the widespread irregularities and yet the hard to pinpoint evidence of voter fraud, simply because that is not what is going on.

Byrne’s blog Deep Capture details the way the fraud was carried out across the states Biden needed to win. The final question is, if the Chinese have initiated a coup, it appears that President Trump may have what he needs to launch the counter-coup that can save America – does he have the will?

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