Outrage at Israel’s Supreme Court for Stopping the Destruction of Convicted Terrorist’s Home

by Avi Abelow

Yesterday, the Israeli High Court of justice decided to freeze the demolition of the house of the terrorist who brutally murdered 19 year old Ori Ansbacher just a few weeks ago. Israeli politician of the Jewish Home party, Bezalel Smotrich, attacked this moral injustice of the judicial system: “The commitment to the security of citizens exceeds the distorted morality of the High Court of Justice”

Ori Ansbacher was a 19 year old girl doing national service in Jerusalem found brutally massacred in early February. The terrorist who brutally murdered her, Arafat Attia Rafaya, is an Arab Muslim from the area of Hebron. He was caught, arrested and admitted to the muderous terror attack being motivated to kill a Jew.

Yesterday, the Israeli Supreme Court decided to freeze the demolition order of the terrorist’s house. There is no justice or legal standing for Israel’s high court of justice to stop the state from implementing a punishment for a heinous crime. This is a perversion of justice that the “enlightened” judges in the Supreme Court continue to enact time after time, in essence, stopping the state from being able to punish the terrorists and deter others from similar acts of terror. Israeli politician Bezalel Samotritz attacked the decision passed by Supreme Court justice Anat Baron.

“The terrorist’s house was planned to be demolished, but following a petition by Attorney Leah Tsemel, the court decided to delay the demolition,” Smotrich said. “The Supreme Court again revealed moral and security imperviousness today. Revealed its deep detachment from Israeli society and the basic need for the state to provide security for its citizens. Anyone who goes out to murder Jews should know that his/her house will be destroyed on the spot. “

“Not only that, anyone who helps, assists, drives, or helps later in the escape process, should also know that his/her house will be destroyed and his family will be deported, without the High Court and without B’Tselem (a left-wing Israeli NGO that gives legal assistance to terrorists). Our commitment to the security of Israeli citizens far exceeds the distorted morality of the Supreme Court. “

“We are obligated to deal with this injustice and moral injustice that cries out to heaven with all our might, with God’s help immediately after the elections,” he pledged. “We will change this, we will restore the priorities, the just and proper morality to the State of Israel, to the citizens of Israel, in order to maintain our security.”

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