Arab Muslim students at Israeli University hold moment of silence for Gaza terrorists

by Leah Rosenberg

A moment of silence is a way to respect someone or something. But when it is used to respect terrorists, then every moral person must stand up and protest. And these are Arab Israelis! They enjoy the freedoms and equality that Israel offers, and yet they hold a minute of silence for terrorists who aim to destroy Israel and murder innocent Israelis. And these are University students, with the means to afford a University education. Yet people think that hatred for Israel is because of “occupation”? Because of poverty? These people are free Israeli citizens with money for University!

Moment of Silence for Terrorists

At an Israeli University called Tel-Aviv University, Arab Muslim students held a moment of silence for Gaza terrorists. Yes, indeed – terrorists. Inhumane people who murder innocent men, women, and children. They call them “martyrs.” It is actually quite shocking if you think about it. It is one thing to have different political views, but it is another thing to actually mourn for terrorists. No matter how much you may disagree with a government’s policies, this is just crossing every line in the book. There is no excuse.

What’s Happening in Gaza?

The media may tell you that Israel is attacking innocent people. But that could not be farther from the truth. A terrorist organization, Hamas, rules over Gaza. And they have sent thousands upon thousands UPON THOUSANDS of rockets at innocent Israeli civilians. They have murdered and injured many. They have destroyed houses. Hamas has sent fire kites and explosive balloons into Israeli territory. Endless amounts of field have been burned to nothing. Hamas uses civilians as human shields. Furthermore, they send scared children with knives onto the Israel side of the border to provoke the IDF.

And these Tel-Aviv University students are mourning the terrorists who have been killed. Seriously?

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