One Man Did Something Remarkable for Jews During the Holocaust – This is His Story

by Leah Rosenberg

There were many heroes of the Holocaust, and many were not even Jewish. It is amazing to learn about those who risked it all for the Jews.

A Hero During the Holocaust, Raoul Wallenberg

Some people have heard of the righteous gentile Raoul Wallenberg. But many people might not know all of the details to his story. What Wallenberg did for the Jewish people during the Holocaust will forever be remembered. The kindness that he showed them despite the risk was remarkable. It takes courage to swim against the tide in general. But when your own life is at risk, that is another level of bravery. All those who went against the Nazis exhibited a type of heroism that is not common. Those people stared evil in the face and fought against it.

Raoul Wallenberg’s life and story ended tragically. But in his lifetime, he accomplished what so many others cannot. He saved countless Jews. He stood up for what was right and moral in a time of utter chaos and horror.

It is important to learn all the stories of the Holocaust. It is crucial to keeping its memory alive. We can’t allow Holocaust deniers to erase the memory of the six millions Jews who were murdered. We can’t allow them to say that millions of others besides Jews were not murdered during WWII by an evil that no one can imagine. And we cannot allow those who deny that the Holocaust happened to erase the name and kind acts of people like Raoul Wallenberg.

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