Obama’s Strange Endorsement Of Joe Biden

by Phil Schneider

Does Barack Obama truly endorse Joe Biden for the Presidency? Well, yes, but not really. Barack Obama believes that the United States needs to go even more off the deep end of the left wing. The key is the word “progressive.” Barack Obama believes that we need to change everything that exists in the United States today in order to bring the United States to a new progressive future. So, then why does Barack Obama support Joe Biden?

Well, the reason is that he really doesn’t have another choice. It’s Donald Trump or Joe Biden. That is why it is so important to vote for Donald Trump. It is not a question of whether or not we like one candidate over another. The President is the Chief Executive who runs our economy and our global security.

Joe Biden will only be able to run the country as long as he surrounds himself with experts like Barack Obama’s experts. The truth is that Donald Trump has been an effective President – largely because of his ability to appoint good people to surround himself with. In all fairness, it must be said that President Trump has fired half of them due to his self-centered attitudes. But at least he has replaced most of the people he fired with other good people. So, yes, President Trump is far from perfect. But he has been very effective. The virus is not his fault. His leadership on handling it is not without fault either. But, actually, the Trump response to the pandemic is probably better than the response had been by a Joe Biden-type President.

The odds are that we are much better off with the present imperfect President than with the alternative. No need to vilify Joe Biden in order to support the reelection of Donald Trump.


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