COVID-19: China Persecuting Africa Instead Of Admitting The Truth

by Micha Gefen

There is an apartheid occurring and no it is not in Israel, despite what the BDS activists want to say – it is in China.

The Chinese Communist Party is now claiming that the Wuhan Virus or COVID-19 as it is officially called is being spread by Africans living in China. Africans are now being denied living quarters and in many instances being prevented from buying food.

What is even more strange is that the WHO is headed up by and Ethiopian Dr. Tedros and yet he is has done nothing but praise President Xi of China. Perhaps, it is because Xi funds him.

The idea that the Chinese Regime is not only culpable for this virus, but now has the audacity to blame and persecute innocent Africans in their country is downright disgusting.

Unfortunately the mainstream media continues to be silent about this and instead pushes the China is innocent mantra – over and over again.

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