It’s A Miracle! The Kineret Is All Filled Up

by Phil Schneider

The Sea of Galilee has been so low for so many years that many of the beaches around it are literally being watered by the Sea of Galilee! Israel has been blessed this year and last with more water than nearly any other two year span. The entire concept of a water shortage in Israel has simply disappeared – for now – in a matter of less than 2 years.

The Sea of Galilee water level has always been the best way to measure Israel’s water situation. Most of the water comes down from the Hermon mountain range via the northern Golan and Galil rivers. The water then is transported throughout the entire State of Israel via the national water carrier. This was established in the early years of the State by David Ben-Gurion.

Today, the State of Israel is still an agricultural powerhouse. But water shortages have been a constant for decades. This is the first time in decades that it has not been the case. So for now, we have a lot to thank for. But, more than the blessing that the water signifies, Israel has now been termed one of the safest countries in the world to be in during the coronavirus pandemic. It has certainly been a blessing-filled year in the Land of Israel this year. Let’s hope the blessing extends outwards to the entire world in the coming months and years.

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