NY Antisemitism Strikes Again: Guy Violently Assaults Elderly Man on Street

by Leah Rosenberg

NY antisemitism has gotten out of control. How can someone be evil enough to assault an elderly person like this?

NY Antisemitism Hits Again

How much longer can this go on for? How immoral can people be? No matter what religion someone is, what gender, what nationality – everyone knows that the elderly should be respected. How dare someone treat an elderly man in such a heinous way? NY antisemitism has reached a point of insanity. Jews are being attacked left and right for no reason.

And will this violent, antisemitic man ever be punished for his crime? We can only hope. But even if he is, it seems that antisemites are not deterred from attacking and assaulting Jews – whether verbally or physically. They just have no fear.

Yes, America has treated the Jewish people well over the centuries. But history is just running its course again. Antisemitism never goes away, and it is time for American Jews to realize that. Is everyone in America antisemitic? Of course not! But enough attacks have happened, enough antisemites are currently serving in the US government, that it’s time for people to wake up.

Col. Kemp

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