Pregnant Woman Slams Progressive Terminology that Erases Women and Mothers

by Phil Schneider

The world is not made up of people who choose to be men and women. The world is made of males and females. The world is not made up of birth people, but of women who are pregnant and give birth. These are things that are laughably obvious. No longer. Today, we need to fight for the right to be called a man or a woman. We need to fight to not have a man walk into a female bathroom because the man has supposedly “chosen” to be a transgender.

The issue of sensitivity to transgenders is an issue that has gone from being a minor isolated issue into a defining issue for the progressive movement. It has gone from being an issue that a small fringe of radicals used to talk about in a hushed manner, and become an issue that is a litmus test of one’s sensitivity towards minorities. The family unit is in the process of becoming completely redefined into a group of people who choose whatever they want and however they want to express themselves. The United States and other countries in the West will continue down this path and become rotten from the inside, or they will return to a life of normalcy.

A normal world is a world in which there are men, women, boys and girls, and that’s it. There are no other categories of human beings. But in today’s day and age, everything is being turned into an option for anyone to choose anything. It is more and more a world in which there are no rights and wrongs – just feelings and emotions that need to be satisfied. There are no red lights and nothing is out of bounds. It is a world that is growing more and more chaotic from day to day. We need more and more voices to stand up and say – Enough. If we want to preserve a world that is based on freedom of speech, and not cancelling speech, then we must fight for the freedom to speak in a normal fashion.

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