Israeli Researchers May have Found Existing Drugs that Cure COVID-19

by Leah Rosenberg

Have Israeli researchers discovered how to treat COVID-19? If they have, maybe life can finally go back to (better than) normal.

Israeli Researchers Discover Something Promising

Everyone wants to be able to live life normally again without needing to get tested for Coronavirus before flying, quarantine upon arrival or exposure, hear about infection rates, or postpone their weddings. We live in a world with a new disease, and the world needs to learn how to live with that disease without closing down everything. And it might just be that Israeli researchers have discovered the cure. No, it is not some new vaccine or medication. It is existing drugs that can help treat COVID-19.

Will the World Try to Boycott This?

Israel has made many discoveries throughout the decades. Many people in the world try to boycott the Jewish state, including companies like Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. But do they even realize what they are boycotting? They are boycotting freedom and democracy; diversity and inclusion. They are boycotting medical and scientific breakthroughs – like this one. Would anyone really decide not to benefit from COVID-19 treatment that Israel discovered? Probably not. Even the co-founder of BDS claimed that if Israel were the one to develop a vaccine for COVID, that BDSers would be allowed to take the vaccine.

How absurd. But then again, the entire BDS Movement is absurd. Their movement is based on antisemitism and spreading lies about the Jewish people and the Jewish state. They claim to want to boycott Israel, but it is actually impossible because of how much Israel has contributed to the world.

Either way, hopefully, Israeli researchers will continue to change and better the world.

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