No Way! Hamas Stops Terrorists from Burning Tires in Gaza Border Riots and the Reason is Shocking

by Avi Abelow

Hamas terrorists continue to riot on the Gaza border fence with Israel, trying to infilitrate and harm Israeli citizens. For a reason, never heard of before in armed conflict, Hamas has stopped terrorists from burning tires and it is not normal. If you know anyone who complains about the Israeli army, tell them that they must read this. As of now, Hamas has forbidden people from burning tires in the Gaza border riots. They have even been taking away tires by people who bring them to the border riots. Why? Because it was an official request from Israel a few weeks ago. Israel told Hamas that the black smoke from the tires blinds the many IDF snipers who are only aiming for the legs. But because of the black smoke, some of the rioters are shot and killed because the snipers’ view is blocked. What other army would do something like this? Did someone say the most moral army in the world? Here are the IDF snipers in action on the Gaza border.

Weekend Gaza Border Riots and More

After a week of quiet for quiet, Hamas night units started their nightly attacks again on the Gaza border.

One 15 year old Gaza rioter was killed 30-60 injured in the Gazan border riots. Gazans are now calling for vengeance for the dead 15 year old terrorist

3 terorists were arrested after breaking through the border fence into Israel, they found a knife on one of them.

At approximately 3am the Isreali airforce attacked an Iranian weapons factory and other positions in Syria, no confirmed report of how many dead/injured.

Day 6 of the Hamas prisoners in Israeli jail hunger strike, with approximately 350 striking. Another terorist was sent to the hospital from jail, no news of his condition. 

Improvised explosive device balloons were released non stop towards Israel all day. 

A terrorist rammed his car into an Israeli officer Saturday afternoon, near the Jewish community of Kiryat Arba, next to Hebron. The officer is lightly injured, and the terorist escaped. Searches in the nearby villages are underway.

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