Despite What The Media Says – No EU Membership for Ukraine

by David Mark

Despite what the MSM wants observers to believe, Ukraine is no closer to joining the EU than before the war. In fact it is becoming apparent that there are a few EU member states that have no interest at all in bringing Ukraine into the EU.

The EU is split; not surprisingly, between those who rely heavily on Russian oil and gas and those who don’t. Germany, Hungary, and Austria, all heavily dependent on Russian energy have been reluctant to admit Ukraine into the EU, while the Baltic members support Ukraine’s entry.

Ukraine has been touting the wide support it has within the EU and around the world. However, it is clear that the current high levels of inflation as well as the reliance on Russian energy in many EU countries, makes the decision to accept the Ukraine near impossible.

The fact is, Ukraine has never truly stood a chance at entering the EU. It is rife with corruption and its economy is in constant need of cash infusions from the West. Accepting Ukraine into the EU would be like accepting another Greece, which until a few years ago had insolvency issues and needed constant support from Germany and France. With Germany’s economy weakening, taking in Ukraine would severely damage the EU block.

So why is Ukraine acting as if their entry has been a fait accompli?

From the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, President Zelensky and his team have done a masterful job developing the narrative that Ukraine is just like any other Western European country. Western media has supported Ukraine 100 percent in this endeavor and for most of the world who has never been to Ukraine, the picture is painted that it is a country that appears just like theirs.

The reality is very far from this. Outside Kiev, Odessa, and Lvov, Ukraine can appear at times quite third world. This is despite the large amounts of money given to Ukraine from the West over the years.

Ukraine has always been seen by NATO and EU as expendable – a buffer state that stood between Russia and the West. With Russia now turning the tide against heavy Ukrainian resistance, the EU will do its best to stay out of it.

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