SOMETHING BIG IS HAPPENING: New Gas Deal With Europe Turns Israel Into A Super Power

by David Mark

Prime Minister Netanyahu travelled to both German and Italy this past week to ink a new gas deal with $5 billion euros annually.

More than the money, the deal is set to reset Israel-European relations by forcing Europe to reduce their overt support for “palestinian” NGOs and reexamining votes in the UN.

“You’re going to fall off your chair,” reporter Yossi Baum tweeted Monday night and continued: “It looks like the prophet’s vision of the end of times, but these are the facts: Israel is becoming a superpower. Our tiny country is becoming an extremely dominant and significant player vis-à-vis Europe, in a way that completely changes the rules of the game in the Middle East, including vis-à-vis the Palestinian Authority. This is unbelievable!”

Besides the gas deal, Netanyahu inked a $3 billion arms sale to Germany.

Strategic Effect On Russia

There is an unspoken strategic consequence of the gas deal. The deal will begin to cut Russia’s influence over Europe by changing Europe’s dependency on gas away from Gazprom in Russia, to Israel. The Europeans may hate the Jewish State, but if it’s a choice between Jewish Israel and Putin’s Russia, they rather deal with Israel. Even if they have to ultimately jettison the arabs in Judea and Samaria to get the gas they need.

With battle lines drawn between the West and the new axis powers of Russia, Iran, and China, Israel is quickly finding that is having to make some hard choices. Europe has been against the Jewish State for some time, but at the end neither Europe or Israel have little choice but to work together.

With Israel in the driver’s seat, its little surprise that Bibi seems unfazed by the leftist color revolution brewing in Israel. After all, while it appears that the State Department might be openly antagonistic to the State of Israel, Europe is changing its tune. This leaves America more and more isolated when it comes to Mideast policy.

End of Days?

Much of what we are witnessing in our generation is eluded in the Bible. It says in the Torah: “God shall enlarge Yapheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.”

It is understood that Europe is the descendent of Yapheth, one of the three son’s of Noach, while the people of Israel are descended from Shem.

Beyond the gas deal, Netanyahu has asked Italy to recognize Jerusalem as the eternal and ancestral capital of the Jewish people.

As the Maharal of Prague says in Ner Mitzvah: “And therefore the fourth empire is called “חזיר”- “Pig”, for “שתחזור” it will “Return” the Kingship to Yisrael, which is to say considering the aspect of the emptiness to which the fourth empire is attached, it will usher in the experience of the Kingship of Yisrael.”

Rome which became the Western world is analogous to the fourth animal sharing both kosher and non kosher signs – the Pig. Recognizing the Jerusalem as Jewish would be the reversal of the fourth and final exile, which Rome initiated nearly 2,000 years ago by exiling the Jewish people from Jerusalem and renaming it.

Netanyahu’s trip has far reaching consequences beyond economics – it appears the gears of biblical prophecy are moving ever closer to the grand finale written in the Bible thousands of years ago.

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