This Might be the Most Shocking Thing the Mossad Has Ever Done 

by Phil Schneider

The Mossad of Israel is probably the closest thing to Israel’s CIA and FBI – but especially the CIA. In the early stages of the State of Israel, Isser Harel was the legendary leader of Israel’s Mossad. He largely operated as a government within a government and focused on a wide variety of activities to build up and secure the State of Israel.

Some of the boldest activities of the Mossad included all kinds of schemes to bring immigrants to the State of Israel, and yes – even if it meant working with ex-Nazis. They also did get involved in some revenge activities against Nazis. Since the Mossad worked under shadows, they were able to get away with more than anybody else. And even when they made mistakes, they were able to cover things up rather quickly.

So why would Israel actually hire a ruthless former SS officer to work for them? This eye-opening video will shock you. The reasoning for Israel’s fateful move was clear as day. It was a matter of life and death.

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