Netanyahu: “Trump Did Great Things For Israel”

by Micha Gefen

Incoming Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu joined Meet The Press to speak about the global rise in antisemitism. Meet The Press host, Chuck Todd asked Netanyahu a series of questions relating to Trump, Ukraine and the new government.

Todd asked Netanyahu about what he thought of Trump meeting with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes. Bibi answered that Trump “did great things for Israel.” But when it comes to meeting with antisemites Netanyahu stated, that he hopes Trump does not do it again.

The incoming Prime Minister was also asked about helping Ukraine. Netanyahu answered “that I will look into it.” However, he made it clear that picking a fight with Russia is not in the cards because Israel needs to deal with protecting its ability to attack Iranian positions in Syria.

The last subject that was dealt with is the nature of the incoming Israeli coalition. Todd tried to push Netanyahu into a corner about the “rightwing” nature of the incoming coalition. The Prime Minister defended his coalition partners and added that “the last government had a party connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in it,” and no one complained.

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