Netanyahu’s Goals Is To Block Iran and Expand Circle of Peace

by Micha Gefen

As the Likud led coalition begins to take shape, Bibi Netanyahu has been on a PR blitz in an attempt to assuage Western concerns about his new government’s goals.

While there have been voices of concern from leftwing Jews and the Biden administration over the nature of the coalition, Netanyahu’s ability to jump on Western media and push back has been incredible. Like usual, Netanyahu’s main focus is keeping Iran from achieving nuclear breakout as well as expanding the Abraham Accords by making peace with Saudi Arabia.

Despite the many doomsayers about the new government’s rightwing agenda, it is precisely because it is a strong nationalist coalition that the Arabs respect. Unlike the Western world that ascribes to a “woke” weak agenda, the Arab countries respects tradition and strength.

With Iran expanding in strength, and the world in flux, a Saudi Arabia-Israel peace accord will revolutionize the region and the world. As Bibi has said – “Peace with Saudi Arabia means the end to the Israel-Arab conflict.

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