Netanyahu calls out Iran and Hezbollah for secret missile sites

by Leah Rosenberg

The secret missile sites in Lebanon are not much of a secret.  The only questions that exist is the scope and exact locations of the missile threat.  Israel is aware and ready to respond if Lebanon (or Hizbullah in Lebanon) attack.

Missile threat from Lebanon

Is it true that Hizbullah has highly accurate missiles in Lebanon?  Of course.  There is no debate about this.  The only question is whether or not they are very close to the Lebanon airport or not.

Iran is the commander and funder.  Hizbullah are the foot soldiers.  They are the terrorists who are willing to carry out the terrorist orders of Iran.

What’s the ultimate goal of Iran

Israel is under no illusion as to the intentions of the Hizbullah and Iran.  They continue to do what they have been doing for the last 20 years.  They are rearming – to the tune of tens of  thousands of missiles.  Many argue that they have more than 100,000 rockets. The entire idea is that Iran wants to be able to blackmail Israel via missile threats from the North via Hizbuallah.  They want to wreak havoc on Israel via terror from the South and build a nuclear threat from Iran.  Their goal is to get Israel to capitulate on one or two fronts and reach parity with Israel.  But, gradually, their ultimate goal is to destroy the State of Israel with a nuclear bomb.

Lessons from World War II

The importance of the State of Israel’s existence is one of many lessons from World War II.  Without a national home, the Jewish people cannot rely on anyone – nobody – to take care of them while anti-semitism rears its head.  But that is just one critical lesson.

Another lesson, no less important, is that the Jewish people should never treat dangerous threats of annihilation lightly – no matter how small and insignificant the dictator may seem.  Hitler was not a very powerful figure in the 1920’s in Germany.  He was often ridiculed as a barking fringe radical.  But by the early 30’s, he had built up a significant following, and by 1933, he assumed power – despite never garnering a majority of the vote.

Prime Minister Netanyahu takes the words and actions of the Hizbullah and Iran very seriously.  Israel has learned the lessons of World War II.  We will no longer use prayer as our exclusive method of fighting.  The State of Israel has strong weapons, brave soldiers, and we have prayer.  We will prevail.

Dr. Risch

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