Nazila Golestan Shares Her Memories of Growing Up in Iran

by Gavriel Dan

Nazila Golestan was only six years old when the Islamic Revolution in Iran happened.

There was a time when Iran was known for its tolerance and respect for others. For Nazila, it was the cylinder of Cyrus that represented this tolerance. However, when the Ayatola Khomeini seized control in 1979, Iran became a repressive Islamic regime.

Nazila remembers that after the revolution she and her classmates had to chant “Down with Israel. Down with the USA,” before school. They even had to walk over the Israeli and American flags to enter the school.

The regime controls everything – every facet of life in a repressive manner that stamps out the ability to live a free and meaningful life. The Ayatollahs use Israel and the USA as a distraction for their own people’s misery and plight. Despite all this the people of Iran are beginning to see through the lies and hate and realizing they have been duped by their leaders.

Arab Incitement
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