Democrat Is Against the Elimination of Arch Terrorist

by Phil Schneider

Could it be that some congresspeople actually oppose the elimination of terrorists? The answer is indeed yes. But it is also not that simple. The issue is not really whether or not some isolationist-oriented or extreme liberal representatives are so weak in the war of terror so as to oppose fighting our enemies. The issue is the blind opposition to nearly any action taken by President Trump by many of his opponents. This has gone way over the line of unreasonable. The elimination of an arch-terrorist in Iran is the perfect example of where a great deed gets ignored or even criticized for one reason – Trump did it.

Lessons from World War II

In the early stages of World War II, there were various opinions in the United States concerning whether or not the United States should intervene. It seems clear today to most historians that FDR knew that it was just a question of time till the United States would have to do more than ship enormous amounts of munitions and war material to supply and resupply the British and Russian forces. The numbers of soldiers, organization, and sheer power of the United States was necessary in order to stop the Nazi machine in it’s tracks in Europe. Nazi U-Boats were in the Atlantic, and the fear that the German war machine would succeed in conquering all of Europe was very real. They had already made serious inroads into the Middle East, and had made advances deep into Russia.

The isolationist lobby in the United States was very strong. The horrors of World War I were very much in the minds of many. But very few powerful people were able to sway public opinion the way that FDR did. He knew how and when to bring the United States into the fray. The attack on Pearl Harbor was probably the final straw that brought the United States over the line and into the war in a full-fledged manner. It is hard to imagine half of Congress opposing US involvement in World War II. But what is going on today is that a Democrat majority in Congress will oppose any US involvement in any foreign engagement – no matter what the situation.

We need a return to normalcy and decency. Yes, President Trump is partially to blame for this. But our national security should not have to suffer because of personal animus between our leaders.

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