Every College Student Must Watch This

by Avi Abelow

This must be shared and seen by all, but not for the reasons you think.

“Screams of Silence is a must-watch documentary that sheds light on the unspeakable sexual violence committed on October 7. As heartbreaking as these stories in the documentary are, we cannot afford to look away.”

Too many Jews are shocked that the Western “enlightened” world prefers not to believe the atrocities that the Gazan Arab Muslims did to over 1,200 innocent Jews on Oct. 7th. They think, if people just see the videos or the movies about the atrocities, then they will sympathize with us and support us in freeing our captives and ending this evil. They will stop denying that our women were brutally raped, that people were betrayed, that babies were burned.

They think, if only people see the videos and pictures from Oct. 7th showing these horrific atrocities, that Arab Muslims actually do all over the world to infidels.

Unfortunately, These Jews erroneously think that playing the victim card will somehow garner the respect of the “enlightened”, “social justice” world.

This includes much of the official “hasbarah”, advocacy efforts by all the Jewish/Israeli organizations and influencers online and being interviewed on television programs.

Jews have to internalize that the vast majority of the leaders, thinkers, and influencers of the Western “enlightened”, “progressive” world don’t care.

They are happy seeing that Jews are the weak victims under attack by our Arab Muslim enemy. They are happy knowing that our women were brutally raped and our innocent women, children and babies kidnapped into dungeons of hell in Gaza, because according to them, we Jews are the “oppressors” and we deserve everything that happens to us, even if they simultaneously deny that those things happened to us. That’s the sick, warped, immoral underpinnings of progressive thought today.

They are living in an ideological world of lies, that us Jews come out as the bad guy no matter how much we are the victims of an evil Arab Muslim enemy.

To them, despite the fact that the Arab Muslim world has over 20 countries across the Middle East, with trillions of oil money that it uses to subvert Western countries in Europe, Canada, Australia and the U.S., via media brainwashing on Al-Jazeera, and via cultural jihad including mass migration, and their women’s womb, despite all this they still look at the Arab Muslims as the oppressed and the tiny Jewish people and Jewish state of Israel, surrounded by this world of billions of Arab Muslims with the education and a history of trying to annihilate us Jews and destroy our country, they view us as the oppressor!

Facts don’t matter to the progressive world view. Jews have to wake up to this reality.

We have to stop playing the victim card expecting to gain sympathy from the Western, progressive world whose ideology is totally immoral.

It’s time we Jews stand up proud for our identity as Jews and for our ancestral homeland Israel, in being a light unto the nations in standing up for truth, justice and morality against the biggest manifestation of evil in the world today, an evil that proudly live-streamed massacring over 1,200 innocent Jews for the world to see!

Stop sharing videos of Oct. 7th expecting to gain sympathy! Share this movie and the videos, but share those videos, but not expecting to change people’s minds, rather with the message that we, the Jewish people of Israel will be taking revenge for this evil perpetrated against us, and that we will provide the true response to protect the whole freedom-loving world from this growing Marxist-Islamist evil that is out to destroy the whole freedom loving world.

Do not share these videos to try to generate sympathy, share these videos in order to impress upon others the self-respect we should be given for standing tall for good against evil, for truth, morality and justice.

We, the Jews, and the Jewish state of Israel, are the canary in the coal mine!

Be proud Jews! Stop trying to gain sympathy as the victim. Gain respect standing up for good in a Western, “progressive”, “social justice” ruled world that is actively supporting an evil out to destroy them as well.

Am Yisrael Chai!!!

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