Must-See: The Moment 215 Jews Returned to Their Ancient Homeland

by Leah Rosenberg

That feeling of returning to your ancient homeland and making it your official home is indescribable. Watch this – you’ll feel it too.

The Return of a Nation to its Ancient Homeland

Can you feel that innate love that the Jewish nation has for its ancient homeland? Can you feel the emotions in the air? That feeling of finally returning home after thousands of years of exile. That feeling of being part of the Jewish people IN the Jewish homeland.

There is nothing like it. This is what it looks like to return to the Jewish Homeland. The excitement. The energy. The feeling of belonging to something greater than yourself. The feeling of being connected to your ancestors that came before you and all the Jews who will come after you. You can’t fully explain it no matter how many adjectives and words you use.

More and more Jews keep taking the big step. More Jews keep realizing that the past, present, and future of the Jewish nation is in Israel – G-d’s chosen land. Is it easy? No, not always. But it is most definitely worth it. Most things that are worth it are not easy. Nefesh B’Nefesh has helped make the process for Jews returning home easier, though. They have helped 75,000 immigrants! This organization is remarkable.

If you truly internalize the miracles happening today and the unbelievable strength of the Jewish people, it’s impossible not to cry. If you really feel what’s happening in this video, your box of tissues is probably right next to you. The Jewish people are finally home. And we are not going anywhere.

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