Rabbi Gives Mind-Blowing Response to Steve Harvey’s Life Advice

by Phil Schneider

Steve Harvey focuses on the fact – as he puts it – that everyone wants to be successful and happy. Therefore, he sayd we need to call out to G-d in order to receive help. Rabbi Manis Friedman understands and relates with the idea. But he also tears it apart and rebuild a more serious attitude that is more productive and leads to TRUE success and happiness.

True success and happiness comes from being IN PARTNERSHIP with G-d. No matter what life throws out way, blessing, curses, or anything in the middle. The key is to never be alone. Why? Because we truly are never alone. We are always walking with G-d. The point is to to actually be attuned to it. The point is to understand that G-d does not need us the way we need Him. Therefore, if we plug in – better yet – stay plugged in, then we are indeed walking hand-in-hand with the most powerful force that exists.

Rabbi Friedman became famous when he published his book, “Doesn’t anyone blush anymore?” It was a powerful criticism of modern times that focused on the new world’s lack of a basic moral code that was a given just a few decades ago. His brilliance in delving into the essential need for mankind to be connected with a Higher Authority has been lauded by millions who have read, heard and watched his widom.

Let’s be successful and happy – with G-d as our partner.

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