Must See: Justin Trudeau Just Proclaimed Canada a Dictatorship

by Leah Rosenberg

Why did the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau declare Canada in a state of emergency? He is absolutely out of control!

Justin Trudeau has Lost it

This is absolutely horrifying what Justin Trudeau is doing! The truckers protest and all those who support it are far from extremists and far from terrorists. They are far from violent. You can see on the videos! You can see the proof. They are all just out there to support freedom in a peaceful way. They are doing nothing wrong, and yet, PM Trudeau is treating them like the world’s worst criminals. He is doing things and invoking Acts, like the Emergencies Act, that are completely unnecessary. Canada has never invoked this Act before, and he is using it now? This is terrifying. Canadians are not in danger – Trudeau is.

Canadians are just standing up for their rights. These truckers are law-abiding citizens. All those who came out to support them have been unifying with the goal of getting their personal freedoms returned to them by the Canadian government.

Trudeau has become a dictator. He has lost his mind, and it’s terrifying to see what he has said, done, and threatened. He cannot be trusted as the leader of the Canadian people.

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