Must-Hear Story: Why a British Army Officer Has a Jerusalem Boulevard Named After Him

by Leah Rosenberg

History is extremely important. People need to learn facts. Col. Richard Kemp shares why this Jerusalem Boulevard is really called Churchill.

A Jerusalem Boulevard Called Churchill

Jack Churchill was a true hero. It is amazing what people are willing to do in order to save others. A man like him clearly knew what was moral. He knew who was right in Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, and he knew who was very, very wrong. He deserved to have the honor of having a Jerusalem boulevard named for him. We are taught in Judaism to have gratitude. And someone like Jack Churchill deserves the gratitude of the Jewish people.

The story behind his heroism is tragic. The Arabs brutally murdered those trying to help the injured. Does this not show to the world that from Israel’s very first war as a modern state, the Arabs never cared about land? They are very clear that they want to obliterate the Jewish people from the Jewish homeland. It is immoral to kill doctors and nurses in a war. It is immoral to kill innocent people. 78 innocent people were murdered! And Jack Churchill tried to save them. Although he did not succeed, he of course should be recognized for his heroic efforts.

The next time you pass by this special Jerusalem Boulevard, think about the story. Think about Churchill and his heroism. When you walk in this holy city in G-d’s chosen land, you have to realize that there are stories behind the names of the streets. A Jerusalem boulevard is more than just a boulevard.

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