CONNECTING THE DOTS: The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse and Israel’s Judicial Reform

by David Mark

By now everyone knows of the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank – a leading elite bank in the US.

No only has SVB has been the bank of choice for the hi-tech elite, it has been the bank of choice for Israeli leftists looking to take their money out of Israel in protest of the judicial reform. Now these leftists are scrambling to bring their money back to Israel.

Many people are realizing that the protests against the Judicial Reform, are not home grown. They are part of a color revolution backed by international leftists elites, the State Department, and the EU to overthrow the Netanyahu government.

Part of the plan had been to get Israeli’s leftist business owners and hi-tech elites to pull their money out of Israel. The idea was to create a type of soft embargo. The only problem was many of the Israeli hi-tech leaders put their money into SVB and now these hi-tech leaders are looking for ways to save their money. In fact, according to a Channel 14 report, over $1 billion has been transferred back to Israel.

The opposition to Israel’s burgeoning attempt to free the Jewish State from the judicial junta that has strangled it is flowing in from the global elite. The funds for this not only come from the State Department, which has been made known, but from those global elites that are beginning to panic from the collapse of one of their most cherished financial institutions.

In order for Israel to win against the current foreign backed uprising, it needs to educate those taking their money out of Israel to stop with the chaos and hold off on playing along with the global elite.

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