Muslims worldwide want this video removed from the internet

by Leah Rosenberg

They let the secret out. Sometimes some Muslim spokesmen say things that are 100% true, and they don’t realize that they are refuting lies of other Arab spokesmen through their words. For example, when someone claims that Arabs in Gaza nearly all came from Egypt, that pulls the rug out of the entire argument about an indigenous Arab population in Israel.

Another example is the argument claimed by many Arabs that they want no peace with Israel – just their own country on the entire Land of Israel – which they refer to as Palestine. This refutes the entire argument that says that Arabs truly do just want to return to the borders of 1967. The main problem with that entire argument is that there were major issues way before 1967. The Arab-Israeli conflict goes back way before the State of Israel existed.

If you want to truly understand the real nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict, you need to talk directly to a variety of Arabs who live in Israel. Generally speaking the main people who do this are business people who hire them or settlers. The professors and foreign journalists with strong opinions on these matters often have very little interaction with the Arab communities that they purport to understand so well. But all one needs to do is to just talk with the Arabs – preferably in Arabic – and they are rather clear about their dreams and goals. A minority wish that they would live somewhere else. Most are actually much better off in Israel than they would be in any other Arab country in the Middle East. But, many – if not a clear majority – do indeed dream of Arab domination in the Land of Israel and the destruction of the Jewish State. The one thing that nearly no Arabs seem to ever mention is the borders of 1967. That is not the aspiration of nearly anybody.

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