Can you imagine Justin Trudeau speaking like this about Israel?

by Phil Schneider

Brian Harper, Canada’s former Prime Minister looks at Israel differently than nearly any other leader in today’s day and age. He does not look at Israel from the angle of Canada’s provincial interests or potential business deals. He looks at the world from the prism of morality. He is a leader made of stuff that is totally different than his predecessors and those who have followed him.

He recognizes that the double standards that the world uses when they judge Israel are clear evidence that anti-Israel rhetoric has become the norm in the world. It has become popular – especially at the United Nations.

Mr. Trudeau now does exactly that. He has joined the ideology of the anti-Israel crowd. Harper notes that those who threaten Israel threaten the entire free world. It is the same ideology that threatens Israel that threatens France and Canada. Harper specifically says it in French too. He knows what he is doing. Not only Quebec, but Europe is also being threatened. Freedom, democracy and justice are all what this is about. He calls it the “power of good” vs. evil. That is exactly what this is about. We miss his leadership in the Prime Minister’s office and hope to hear more brave leaders like him in the future.

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