Muslims Stone Jewish Car with Infant Near Damascus Gate

by Leah Rosenberg

Enough of Muslims attacking Jews and the media saying nothing; the world saying nothing. Here is yet another incident at Damascus Gate.

Muslims Stone Jews at Damascus Gate

Stoning is a serious crime and should be treated as one. People can die from being stoned, and yet, the world acts as if this is okay. They act as if the Muslims have a right to stone Jewish cars driving by Damascus Gate – one of the gates outside the Old City of Jerusalem.

Right after Tisha B’Av, the day where Jews mourn the destruction of their Temples, “Palestinians” stoned Jewish cars driving by Damascus Gate. A mother, father, and their one-year-old were all injured. Yes, a one-year-old! Can you imagine? The Arabs who did this are barbaric! Thank G-d, the Jewish family was only lightly injured, but it could have been worse. An Arabic United Hatzalah volunteer treated the family on the scene before they were taken to Hadassah Mount Scopus hospital.

In another stoning incident, the driver was injured. And yet another person was hurt by rocks in East Jerusalem. Stones are weapons, and throwing them at Jews is a crime. It is terrorism and should be treated as such!

When will this barbarism end?

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