Jewish Conservatives Give Democrats a Piece of Their Mind at CPAC Conference

by Phil Schneider

“From the Rive to the Sea.” Is there a connection between those who scream that line and those who commit anti-semitic acts? Most certainly. There is no daylight between the two. Until recently, anti-semitism across the United States was not driven by anti-Israel Arabs. Today, they are the ones who spearhead this – often with a Palestinian flag draped around their shoulders.

Anti-semitism is growing of late, and there is no indication that it will do anything but grow. But it is not merely anti-Jewish activity that is growing. So is anti-law-and-order activity growing at an alarming pace. The Black Lives Matter movement is both anti-police and anti-Israel. This is typical of the movements that are going on now across the streets of America.

It is no surprise that the same movements that support Cuba and other Marxist countries. The BLM, according to Senator Marco Rubio, is a fraudulent organization that is all about stealing money from people. Cuba embargoes their own people and makes sure that freedom will not reign within their borders. But the same people who are screaming that black lives matter ignore the fact that communist and socialist governments – like Cuba – are being propped up by the same people who are screaming that Jews are the problem in the Middle East. There is indeed a strong intersection between all of these movements, and it is no coincidence.

So when activists explain that the anti-semitic activities of a loud mob matter, they are right in noting that this is much more than a Jewish and humanitarian issue. It is part of a massive attempt to transform America into a more socialist State.


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