Palestinian Arab Tells the Truth about Israel

by Phil Schneider

Bassam Eid, a Palestinian Arab human rights activist, lives in Jericho. He is a true gem who does not hide anything about his feelings for the State of Israel. Most of all, he is a courageous man who is willing to stand up to the leadership of where he lives. Dennis Prager’s fireside chat is unique.

Eid is a Muslim. He is born in Jerusalem, and is now an anti-religious man who was born into a secular family under Jordanian occupation. One year before the Six Day War, Jordan decided to evacuate Arabs from the Old City of Jerusalem. He became a refugee by the Jordanians, not the Israelis.

Eid now lives happily in the State of Israel and understands perfectly well that there is nothing better today for Arabs in the Middle East than the State of Israel. He comes from the angle of being a human rights activist. But he also enlightens as to the nature of Israel’s neighbor, Jordan. Jordan is a very interesting country with a salad of nationalities living in it. Eid explains that most people who live in Jordan are actually refugees from Iraq. Ultimately, the main point that he gets across is that Israel is indeed the country with the best human rights record in the Middle East – and this is from the mouth of a self-proclaimed “Palestinian” Arab.

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