Muslims in New York desecrate American flag with shouts of “Allahu Akbar”

by Leah Rosenberg

Stepping on the American flag is like stepping on democracy and freedom. But is it so shocking that radical Muslims would do that?

Radical Muslims in New York

Radical Muslims are trying to destroy America from the Middle East. But they do not just exist in the Middle East or other “far off” places. Some like to remove themselves from issues that are not as “close to home.” But the frightening thing is that it IS home! In America, Muslims are trying to destroy the American flag.

Take a look at this video. Things like this are happening IN NEW YORK! Listen to what they are preaching to other Muslims. Hear the way they despise America and desecrate the American flag. These radicals hate democracy! They hate freedom! Are you going to let them belittle your country in such a public and serious way?

The American Flag is More Than a Flag

The American flag might seem like just a piece of cloth. But it represents greats things. And the moment these Muslims took it and defaced, they dishonored the entire country and the entire American people. They want to overthrow democracy. And we cannot let them! Radical Muslims are burning American flags and destroying a symbol of freedom not only in their own countries. We can’t ignore what is happening before our eyes!


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