Muslims Celebrate Terror Attack that Murdered Three Jews in Tel Aviv

by Leah Rosenberg

It is truly horrifying to see Muslims do this. On the Temple Mount. Celebrating the murder of Jews in Tel Aviv.

Muslims Celebrate Killing Jews in Tel Aviv

This is disturbing to watch. It is absolutely sickening, to say the least. Last Thursday night, a terrorist opened fire in Tel Aviv on a major street – Dizengoff street. Three innocent Jews were murdered and many others injured. Two of those killed were childhood best friends, one of which was set to be married. The third was a father of three. Their names were Tomer Morad, Eytam Magini, and Barak Lufan. Remember their names. They all had lives and families. And now their families will never get to hug them again.

These attacks are horrifying and tragic. And how do the Muslims respond? By celebrating. They pass out candies on the streets when Jews are murdered. They proudly cheer. And here Muslims celebrated on the Temple Mount the morning after the attack. Can you imagine? How does the world not see the truth about the situation? Muslims murder innocent Jewish men, women, and children, and then they celebrate. Who can side with such a people; such a culture?

We pray for the complete healing of those who were injured. We pray that G-d comforts the families of all those who have been murdered. And we pray that no more Jews are murdered in cold blood.

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