When This Happened at the White House, Americans Were Terrified

by Phil Schneider

Why does Joe Biden walk around aimlessly at a White House function when Barack Obama shows up? It’s quite simple. Obama is really the one running the show, and everyone at the White House knows it. Biden becomes the sideshow when Obama is around.

Following the end of the Biden administration, it will come out. One of the White House staffers will undoubtedly try to cash in on the information that is quite clear to see when watching footage of this sort. It is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, that the President of the United States walks around aimlessly at a White House function with many people in the room. It is typical of people who suffer from cognitive decline to get confused when things are very different, such as at large functions with many people and strong background music.

There is a reason that Barack Obama is so happy. He is the only modern-day 3rd term President. Of course, he is not formally or legally in charge. But there is nothing illegal about Obama having a daily conversation with President Biden and staff and setting the course for the day’s events. It’s actually very reasonable for the Biden administration to do this. As opposed to top-down leadership, this is leadership from the outside.

During the Reagan administration, some would joke about how Nancy Reagan had too much sway over Ronald Reagan. Perhaps so. During the Trump administration, Jared Kushner was probably the 2nd most powerful person in the White House. He had a formal position, but it seemed way out of proportion to his prior experience. The problem is not with receiving advice from an outsider. The problem is with the decision-maker not having the ability to properly make decisions due to health struggles. Ronald Reagan may have been too old at the latter part of his 2nd term to function properly. On the other hand, George H. Bush and Jimmy Carter seemed to be perfectly fine over the age of 90. What is clear is that it is not an issue to shove under the rug in future elections. One could argue that the President of the United States – and only the President – should have to undergo a test to determine if one’s faculties are still in tact, before running for election.

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