Muslim woman gets herself arrested on the Temple Mount

by Avi Abelow

A Muslim woman disrupted Jewish visitors in a way that just shows she does not want peace. She got arrested on the Temple Mount, and rightfully so.

Arrested on the Temple Mount

Sadly, if a Jew prays on the Temple Mount or does anything that looks like prayer, he can get detained or arrested. It almost seems like getting arrested on the Temple Mount is reserved for those who are trying to be peaceful.

But not this time. Although Jews are forbidden to pray when visiting the Temple Mount, we always take a break for some spiritual meditation at the place on the Mount that is the closest we can get to the Holy of Holies. It is at this place that this woman decided to scream her Muslim prayers loudly in order to bother us. Israeli police arrested her. She was just trying to provoke a response. She was trying to disrupt the peace. Sound familiar?

Disrupting the Peace

A Muslim trying to disrupt the peace on the Temple Mount is not something new. That is what they constantly try to do. Protests, riots, weapons, and more. There is such a difference between what the Jews do on the Temple Mount and what the Muslims do. The Jewish people just want to pray to God. The Muslims claim that they hold the Temple Mount as a holy site, but then they ruin the peace. They act violently. They disturb Jewish prayer – they don’t even ALLOW Jewish prayer!

Motivation for Terror
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