Muslim Celebration at Bernie Sanders Michigan Primary Campaign

by Phil Schneider

Sanders held a campaign in Dearborm, Michigan, a city with one of the largest Muslim populations in the US. The rally opened with a Middle Eastern dance. Who else can get a group of *Muslim* (most likely) Arab men, performing on the stage for the first Jewish presidential candidate ever to win Michigan primaries?

Last Saturday, Rashida Tlaib spoke in St. Louis for American Muslims for Palestine. But before the event started, American Muslims for Palestine gave out keychains with the map of Israel removed and replaced with the words, “Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine.” The keychain was a call for the destruction of Israel and its replacement with Palestine. There is no way to misinterpret a map of a country being destroyed and replaced with a brand new country.

It is a sad thing to see Bernie Sanders and the Jihadi supporters working together in US politics. When immigration issues come to the fore again, remember what unbridled immigration leads to.

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