1 Million Simple Arguments That Will Change How You Look At Israel

by Phil Schneider

Is the problem really so complex? Who is willing to live in peace and who wants the other side dead? Join Dennis Prager as he explores the Middle East conflict and makes it perfectly obvious what lies at the bottom of the hostilities in the region. We should really have him explain it to the Palestinian Arabs.

There have been so many meetings concerning the root causes of the strife in the Middle East. But Dennis Prager is so wonderful at taking seemingly complex problems and breaking them down to their bare-bones basics. It really is indeed that simple. Israel wants to live and bring light to the world. But unfortunately, most of the Arab neighbors around Israel still don’t really want to live with a State of Israel. Just like Rashida Tlaib, who wears clothing with pictures of the Middle East that do not include the State of Israel, many others in the Middle East have the same dream.

Yes, the most basic core problem is that very few Arabs who have even come to the negotiating table are interested in having a State of Israel. Once this is understood, then we can move forward and understand how to properly manage the challenging situation of being surrounded by enemies. This is part of why Benjamin Netanyahu is doing such a great job. He has an uncanny ability to lead the State of Israel through the challenges of modern times while at the same time not forgetting that Israel is surrounded by many primitive enemies that have not given up on their ancient dream of driving the Jews into the sea.

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