Swedish Girl Attacked by Muslim Migrant Gang

by Avi Abelow

A young, defenseless girl was being brutally attacked by a gang of migrants in Sweden.

Details of the event have yet to be published. The video was uploaded to Snapchat without details. Swedish media also have not reported it. But, unfortunately, that is not surprising. Sweden, the most “feminist” government in the world in their own words, hides most, if not all, migrant involvement in violence and rapes against their own women! One might have thought a feminist government would look out for the welfare of women. But Sweden proves that is 100% wrong. In the hierarchy of leftism, protecting Muslims is more important than protecting their women victims.

In the video above, you see how the girl is lying on the floor, but yet they continue to assault her. This is not a one time occurrence.

Just a few weeks ago a different video emerged showing a girl being brutally attacked by a gang in Sweden and it was reported on by the TimesofSweden. Now it happened again.

Swedish police began digging into the gangs causing chaos and violence across Sweden and they have found them to be either migrants themselves or children of migrants, born in Sweden.

Back in 2018 a study was conducted finding that eight out of 10 ‘stranger’ rapes in Sweden are carried out by migrants, with more than half of all rape convictions to foreigners. We are now in 2020 and Sweden has still yet to take concrete steps to protect Swedish women from the migrants.

The Sad Image that Says it all

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