MSNBC Cannot Defend Hamas Anymore After This Ben Shapiro Video Came Out

by Phil Schneider

“Everything that is happening in Israel is the Hamas’ fault.” That is Ben Shapiro’s line. But it is not actually true. Israel has itself to blame for much of the problems that it is dealing with today. Israel’s foolish leadership, back in 2005, made a despicable and morally outrageous decision to leave the entire Gaza Strip under the false pretense that it would somehow enhance Israeli security.

Today, everyone understands that Israel will only be able to protect itself when it makes the strategic decision to once and for all, conquer and live in ALL of the Land of Israel. Yes, Israel must conquer the entire Gaza Strip. Israel must absorb the 1-2 million Arabs who live there and make sure that the Gaza Strip is a completely demilitarized area, without rockets, terror tunnels, or any weapons.

But, detractors like Ehud Barak ask, “But do you want to dominate 2 million Arabs?” The answer is twofold. First of all, if the alternative is thousands of missiles and terror tunnels used to terrorize 1 million Jews every year or two, then yes, it is a much better alternative to have 3 divisions of Israeli soldiers making sure NO weapons enter Gaza.

More importantly, there is a very real option of decreasing the Arab population via a variety of moves. The terrorists should be eliminated. But the masses that are unhappy and would be happy to leave can and should be given every financial incentive to move to ten other Arab countries, Europe, or anywhere else they would like. Demographic solutions do exist outside of massive transfer. And they are far cheaper than the hundreds of millions of dollars that are used on solutions that don’t work like smart fences, 20 foot high cement walls, and endless Israeli Army soldiers defending the borders. It is better to invest the money to destroy the problem via a comprehensive demographic plan than via an endless rocket battle between Jews and Arabs.

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