Watch the Most Daring Operation in Mossad History

by Phil Schneider

The Mossad was established at around the same time as the State of Israel. It is Israel’s Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations. Although most of what they do is secretive, it is definitely one of the most active government intelligence agency’s in the world. It has to be. Israel’s survival depends on it.

At first glance, the story of the attack on the nuclear reactor looks like a promo for a high level action movie. But, in truth, this all happened – around one decade ago. North Korea and Syria are allies on multiple levels. They both threaten the entire free world. However, Syria’s capital, Damascus is less than an hour drive away from some of Israel’s population centers. So, even a crude missile – let alone a nuclear weapon – could wreak havoc on the Jewish State.

Syria and North Korea

This story will raise some eye-brows. Syrian dictator, Assad built a Syrian nuclear reactor with one express goal – the destruction of the State of Israel. He needed willing partners. In North Korea, he found his chief supplier for building a nuclear weapon.

Israel is willing to take risks to rid their immediate hostile neighbors from possessing any nuclear weapons. So, their leadership appointed Israel’s General Staff Reconnaissance Unit (a special force unit of the IDF that perfroms high risk missions) to gather soil samples to see if the Syrian reactor was active…

The Mossad sent out a mission to find out if Syria was actually building a nuclear reactor in May of 2004.  The investigation showed one clear fact.  North Korea was building a nuclear reactor in Syria.  Ultimately, the Israeli Mossad recommended the bombing of the reactor in September of 2007.  Operation Vineyard is one of the most gutsy operations carried out in the last few decades.  It is only now coming out that Israel indeed “took care” of the reactor.  This true story is so fascinating that it’s going to be hard to wait for the next part.

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