Miss Iraq honors Jews who were expelled from Arab lands

by Leah Rosenberg

Miss Iraq courageously honored Jews who were kicked out of Arab Lands. It is unique, and she deserves recognition for this!

“What’s important tonight is honoring those #Jews across #Arab lands who lost their possessions, their homes, and…their lives all for the sake of preserving their faith, their beliefs, and their identity.”

– Miss Iraq, Sarah Idan @AustralianJA @JIMENA_Voice pic.twitter.com/ohI8xPi2Cu

— The Mizrahi Project (@Mizrahi_Project) December 22, 2018


Changing the World

It is these small actions that really make a difference. Miss Iraq is essentially going against her countries beliefs about Israel. She stands with Israel. She stands with the Jews who the Arabs persecuted and expelled just because they were Jews. The fact that she chose to honor those who lost their possessions, homes, loved ones, and even their lives is unbelievable. How many people do you hear being as courageous as this women?

Miss Iraq and Miss Israel

Miss Iraq and Miss Israel took a “selfie” together which grabbed the attention of the international world. So many were in awe of the touching friendship between the two women from “opposite” sides. And those who hate Israel were outraged. Miss Iraq knew the consequences of her actions, and she still chose to stand with Israel. If only there were more people like her!

Arab Incitement
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