Miss Holocaust survivor – the true meaning of beauty

by Phil Schneider

These are stories about the most beautiful life stories.  This is the true meaning of beauty.

Miss Holocaust Survivor

Any person who understands what life is truly about will understand that these are the most beautiful souls they will ever meet.  They are all walking miracles.  Multiple miracles – for years.  The Nazis searched every small little village to kill every last Jew.  These precious souls were plucked from the depths of Hell by God and chosen to keep building life in this world.  They are the lucky ones in this world.

But they are all super traumatized people.  As the director claims, “Their bodies were battlefields.”  This project is brilliant.  It recognizes that very little can be done about the trauma they experienced.  It was so incredibly immense that the mind cannot fathom most of what they experienced.  However, they can receive some genuine love and affection from those who care.  This project is one of love and affection and should be supported.


Any Holocaust survivor could be fully excused for not going on with their lives in a rich manner.  These young women were like so many hundreds of thousands of women in Poland and Europe.  The Nazis destroyed so much of their life.  These women lost so much in their life, but they persevered and miraculously survived.  But they did more.  They built up beautiful lives and serve as an inspiration to all.  They are heroes for all mankind.



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