ISIS takes weapons in Sinai coming from Iran for Hamas

by Phil Schneider

ISIS and Hamas do not like each other.  There are many groups of Arabs who dislike each other.  This is not new.  Nearly every Arab country has a significant Arab minority or majority that dreams of overthrowing their dictator.

Arab Instability

ISIS and Hamas are two terrorist groups that have tentacles around the State of Israel.  It is a blessing whenever two groups of terrorist Arabs kill each other.  This has been going on for years in Syria.  Tens of thousands of terrorists have killed each other in Syria.

However, there has never been more than 10-15 years of stability in Lebanon.  Warring factions of Arabs are always vying for power.  In Syria, the Baath party seized power in the 60’s and they dictate life for the majority of the Arabs.  In Jordan, King Hussein and his father the previous, King Hussein, held onto power – despite a majority that dreams of deposing them.  Egypt has seen one revolution after another in recent years.  Before that, Israel and Egypt signed a historic peace treaty in the late 70’s.  But, soon after that, Egyptian soldiers killed President Anwar Sadat who signed the treaty with Israel.

Nobody to Partner With

It is hard to make a deal with someone who has a weak hold on their country or who is a ruthless dictator of their country.  Those tend to be the main options for the State of Israel.  That is why, any notion of lasting peace in the Middle East is short-sighted.

Israel needs to work on short-term deals that will improve trends in the Middle East, and strengthen the moderate voices in the Arab world.  Anything beyond that is basically a pipe dream.

ISIS did not exist ten years ago.  Today, they continue to be a force in areas of Syria, Iraq, and the Sinai.  Hizbullah was not a major force till the last few decades. ]

On one thing, Prime Minister Netanyahu is right.  Iran and it’s proxies are the main threat to the State of Israel.  They fund Hamas and Hizbullah.  So, the key to the defeat of Israel’s enemies, is the weakening of the radical leadership of Iran’s grip on power.

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