Matt Walsh Asks The Question “What Is A Woman?”

by Phil Schneider

The point of the video is to point out that having a straight conversation about this topic has become close to impossible. The world is changing in ways that are astounding – even to people who define themselves as gay.

The reason that these uestions are so confusing for so many people is because the world – especially the world of academia – has become filled with attitudes that do not see any right or wrong in the world. There are only feelings and everything goes.

That is called moral relativism. When everything is permitted because nothing is wrong, then there are literally no boundaries – none. That is chaos defined. It is lunacy justified.

Matt Walsh, better than anyone else, has the straight face and the ability to point out the ridiculous through reasonable discussion. Did we ever think that the title, “What is a woman?” would actually be a serious title of a video?

Col. Kemp

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