Major Iranian Terrorist Killed by Motorcyclists

by Avi Abelow

Colonel Hassan Sayad Khodayari, a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ Quds Force known for his involvement in planning attacks on Jews and Israelis worldwide, was killed by motorcyclists in Tehran on Sunday afternoon outside his home.

Iranian authorities are currently searching for assailants. Iranian authorities have since announced that they have arrested a “network of thugs” associated with the Mossad without providing further details.

Iran is calling the killing of Khodayari a “criminal terrorist act of the counter-revolution and elements related to global arrogance,” a term often used to refer to the US and Israel. Saying that it crosses a redline which “changes many equations” and that those responsible would “pay a heavy price.”

Iranian military journalist Hossein Dalirian pointed a finger at the Mossad in a tweet, saying that it seemed its agents were involved in the assassination.

An Iranian security source told the Iranian news outlet Jadeh Iran that Khodayari was prominent in the country’s military industry, especially concerning drones. In March, the IRGC fired missiles at what they claimed was a site used by the Mossad in Erbil, Iraq, reportedly in response to an alleged Israeli strike on an IRGC drone base in Mahidasht, Iran.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp, IRGC, is recognized as a terror organization.

Iran was demanding that the United States remove the IRGC from the terror list as part of Biden’s Iran nuclear deal, and the Biden administration was going to do just that. However, Israel, has been pressuring the Biden adminstration to not remove it from the terror list.

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