Jewish Man Detained for Praying on Temple Mount Following Court Ruling

by Avi Abelow

Yesterday a judge in Israel’s court system ruled that Jews are allowed to pray and bow down on the Temple Mount, that there is no law that forbids it.

“In my opinion, it is not possible to say that bowing and reciting Shema constitutes a reasonable suspicion of conduct that might lead to a breach of peace, as required by law,” Justice Tzion Sharai wrote in his ruling.

Despite that very clear ruling, today, the police are detaining Jews for trying to pray on the Temple Mount, against the court’s ruling.

Israeli Attorney Nati Rom was involved in the petition regarding three youths who were detained and forbidden from visiting Temple Mount because they bowed down upon a visit.

Rom was interviewed last month about the court case and he stated that limitations against Jews on Temple Mount “is apartheid against Jewish people. People of the Bible must come out against discrimination and racism against Jews on the Temple Mount.”

Temple Mount activist Tom Nisani from Beyadenu reacted to the ruling with optimism.

“There is no law preventing Jews from praying on the Temple Mount, and the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Jewish prayer several times,” Nisani said. “Today, another judge instructed the police to enforce this and desist from actively preventing Jews from exercising their legally mandated religious freedom. This is another step on the road to returning our holiest site to the nation of Israel.”

Some may ask, why are the Israeli police forbidding Jews from praying on the holiest site to Jews if there is no law?

The reason is because the Muslim world warns Israel’s governments that they would launch world war III if Jews are allowed to pray on the Temple Mount, so the police are forced by the Israeli government to enforce a policy that is totally permissible according to the law, just to appease the terror threats of the Muslim world.

The government has also stated that it will not follow the court ruling, giving the green light to the police to enforce policy that goes against the legal right of everyone to pray on the Temple Mount and against the latest ruling of the court.

This is no surprise to me. For years I have said that the courts are just a political tool of the left, when it suits them to push their anti-Jewish agenda in the name of “equality”. However, when the courts once in a blue moon actually uphold the law, in a non-“progressive” agenda way, then all the leftist defenders of the courts somehow are fine in undermining the authority of the courts.

Blatant hypocrisy for all to see. For decades I have been vocal in exposing the hypocrisy of the legal system in Israel, which is a political tool of the left, not just the Supreme Court, but the Attorney Generals in all the Government ministries as well that stop any and all laws that would allow Israel to be a strong Jewish state that it is supposed to be in order to protect all Israeli citizens properly.

The left wants Israel to no longer be a Jewish state, but what they ignore is that the day Israel is no longer a Jewish state, that not only will Jews not be safe, but non-Jews won’t be safe either. Just look at the multitude of Islamic countries in the Middle East. If you are Sunni, you are persecuted in Shiite-led countries. If you are Shiite you are persecuted by Sunni-led countries. If you are a woman, you do not have freedom or equality in any Muslim-ruled country. And if you are Jewish, Christian, Druze etc. you are considered a second-class citizen in any Muslim country. ONLY in the Jewish state of Israel does everyone have freedom and equality for all. As I always say, Israel is the solution for the Middle East, the “progressive” left’s anti-Jewish agenda together with its support of intolerant Islam is the problem!

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